“night school, week 1”

(photo by Vivienne Gucwa from nythroughthelens)

(scene 27 — interior, evening; Day sitting on couch)

DAY: Okay, this is the part that always creeps me the fuck out.

MYSTERY VOICE: And why do you think that is?

DAY: I don’t know. The light is fading and, as usual, I haven’t really done my Night homework.

MV: And so you feel filled with, what — dread?

DAY: Yeah, sure. I have no idea what to expect.

MV: So you think if you were a better student, you might …

DAY: Actually enjoy the night? Sure. Boogie down with the night people. I think I could really dig cruising the streetlight-shadowed boulevards and alleyways, the leafy lanes and deadend-transit mamas. (sits up, starts rocking head) Checkin’ out the shadow peeps. Bumpin’ with the grunge. Mono-gender BITCH-uhs, ev-ree-where! Yeah. I could definitely get my funk top ON!

MV: Really?

DAY: (slumps back) No. Who am I kidding. I like the light, man. I mean — why eat in the dark? I like to see what I’m eating.

MV: And what’s eating you?

DAY: That’s it. (pause, looks around) Can we turn the lights on?

MV: Sorry. That’s not what night school is about.

20160417 10:57 (209 words)
▸ The Lumineers performing
“Submarines”, lyrics and
“Stubborn Love”, lyrics, by Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites, from “The Lumineers” 2012
▸ Whetherman performing
“In the Melody” by Nicholas Williams, from “Seeds for Harvest” 2015, lyrics
▸ Cat Stevens performing
“Father and Son” live 1971, from “Tea for the Tillerman” 1970
“Moonlight Mile” 2002, to watch two characters/actors (Gyllenhall and Pompeo) being totally alive)

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