“sawn the light”

(photo from antiques.com)

“Wait — not creatively-grammatically correct? As in: ‘After years of toiling in the lumber mill of life, I feel pretty certain that I have now, finally, sawn the light,'” Handle says and turns her head to Weary Dean.

They’re both sitting back in a pair of dark-green enameled Adirondacks, in their underwear with bare legs and feet stretched out on the cool grass of a warm after-nooner May, grass that Weary Dean cut just this morning along a shaded border stretch of the blooming, wildflower meadow at Painful Acres.

“Past-imperfect-creative is a language dog that never gets a chance to run? Like language — or any other thing that’s struck by gravity to this turning ball of darkness mewing toward the light — has never, ever, seen the mewing light of ‘new’?”

Weary Dean shakes his head and smiles, then drains the final quarter of his 12-oz bottle of Wilde Flume, a new craft beer brewed my a group of non-religious “apostles of the true and good” on Forward Street in Rutland.

“One more?” he asks, standing-turning toward the house.

“Sure. And bring the bag of Macy’s Chipped Tortillas?” she asks please-and-pretty.

“Ok. And the ‘Webster’s Collegiate’? You know, in case this is heading in a lost-in-following-the-word-links direction?”

“I’ll shut the fuck up.”

Weary Dean is standing with one hand resting on the picket-fence of the Adirondack chair back, looking at her. Then he turns toward the house. “Like that ever happens, when you’re not dancing through the streets of dreamland.”

“And cookies?”


“And left-over pizza?”

“I’ll bring the wagon.”

The breeze picks up and rustles the new-leafed oaks that block the late-day sun on this small corner of a world too deep in chaos story to be seen at all, except in sawing out small excerpts of coincidence from the passing seens of time and space.

20160529 09:20 (331 words)
Not Waving But Drowning performing “from/to” from “Any Old Iron” 2008
Ben Howard performing “The Fear” from “Every Kingdom” 2011
Gregory Alan Isakov performing “She Always Takes it Black” from “The Weatherman” 2013
Cat Stevens performing “The Wind” live 1976, from “Teaser and the Firecat” 1971
Vandaveer performing “A Little Time Off Ahead” from “The Wild Mercury” 2016

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