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“north of montana, e1”

(photo from yellowstone insider) Episode 1: “Get Your Bearings Here” (A single camera, urban/mountain situation-comedy set mostly in L.A., about people finding their own, individual direction as they attempt to navigate the social misdirection around them, and try to earn … Continue reading

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“abraham bicycle”

(manipulated photo from pinterest and diversified antiques) “Okay, class,” Doc. Armbruiser says, “regarding this week’s writing prompt – ‘Three to six hundred words on how America, today, might regard the country’s 16th President, if, instead of a Lincoln, he’d been … Continue reading

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“last gasp sally”

(photo from “The Daily Mail”) Sally Franklin Jones — born April Fool’s Day, 1995 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, the latest offspring of what would grow to become a family of 26,912 siblings, before the industrial revolution gave way to the … Continue reading

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