“north of montana, e2”

(dugout view from here)

Episode 2: “Welcome to L.A.”

(A single camera, urban/mountain situation-comedy set mostly in L.A., about people finding their own, individual direction as they attempt to navigate the social misdirection around them, and try to earn a living in “the business” – told in 22-minute episodes with a scene/character list in the attached spreadsheet.)


Opening titles and music begin – Canadian Rockies, a cold snow-covered February morning. Opening helicopter overheads of mountains, trees, snow, then a lone highway with WILL’s solitary, older, rusty green pickup driving down it. Camera overhead from behind the truck drops down to road level on a vehicle following for five beats, then the pickup signals, slows, and pulls into a roadside restaurant parking area.

… full script and scene/char list on .pdf links below
wr tlp – north of montana e002 d02 20170506
wr tlp – north of montana e002 notes 20170418

2017-05-06 09:39:17 (4246 words)
(/wr tlp – north of montana e002 d02 20170506.fadein)
▸ White Hinterland performing “Icarus” from “Dead Oceans” 2010
▸ Jono McCleery performing “This Idea of Us” from “Pagodes” 2015
▸ Blaudzen performing “Heavy Flowers” from “Heavy Flowers” 2012
▸ Amelia Curran performing “Tired Circle” from “Lullabies for Barflies” 2007
▸ Passenger performing “All the Little Lights” from “Young as the Morning Old as the Sea” 2013
▸ Shovels & Rope performing “Keeper” from “O’ Be Joyful” 2013
▸ Patrick Watson performing “Blackwind” from “Adventures in Your Own Backyard” 2012
▸ Hey Marseilles performing “Bright Stars Burning” from “Lines We Trace” 2013, and “West Coast” from “Hey Marseilles” 2016

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